Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love Is in the Air (Magi I Luften)

LOVE IS IN THE AIR (Magi I Luften)            D                    
Denmark  (93 mi)  2011  ‘Scope  d:  Simon Staho 

This is a candy colored Danish musical shot in ‘Scope which you’d think might hold your interest, but you’d be wrong.  Shot with the pastiche and artificial lighting of an Ozon film, while occasionally blending in a few songs of interest, what fails miserably in this film, despite some adult comic bathroom material, like fart jokes, is the maturity and emotional realm seems far more appropriate for Middle School age kids, or even earlier.  At best, this is a Gossip Girls high school musical about bratty rich kids used to always getting their way, especially the slutty lead girl who uses seduction as a viable career advancement technique.  It’s hard to believe this film has absolutely nothing to offer the viewer, but the portrayal of the kids is ridiculously lame.  Mostly it’s overly silly, featuring kids without a brain in their head, none of whom deserve one another.  Part of the problem is a small cast, where you see the same faces over and over again, but with little to no character development, they never evolve into something more interesting, but remain the same stock TV stereotype.  Also, even though there are wall to wall songs, there are few if any group ensemble numbers, and almost no dancing, so there’s never any build up of excitement.  Instead, it’s the slutty, backstabbing world of uninteresting teenagers that we grow tired of almost immediately, as none of these kids is capable of holding the audience’s interest.  So mostly this feels like an utterly forgettable bubble gum dream that is an insult to most movie audiences, where the songs are badly lip synched, and nothing expressed in this film is memorable other than the color design.  The film, by the way, is advertised as The Tonic to Chase the Blues.    

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