Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Obama II

It appears the absolute *worst* candidate the Republicans could choose to run against Obama was an investment banker, the symbol of arrogance and hubris.

A few other factors, the Republican Party's utter disdain for non-whites, as if immigrants or racial diversity are a threat to the American concept of freedom, alienating Blacks, Hispanics and Asians, not to mention women in the process, especially considering the fastest rising population in the United States is the Hispanic vote, something George W. Bush from Texas took seriously, but not Romney. 

Obama's auto bail-out appears to have been a key factor in his winning both Michigan and Ohio, as he saved people's jobs that Romney would have allowed to disappear in his sink or swim version of capitalism. 

Obama once again targeted the youth vote, where students helped provide the enthusiasm and on-the-ground forces he needed to get out the vote, where some of the largest lines on election day were towns with college campuses.

Interesting that Obama is the first President to be re-elected with *less* electoral and popular vote than his initial term.

Interesting also that the Tea Party ended up costing the Republicans a Senate majority, as their extremist candidates freely acknowledged heinous views on women and rape, refusing to back down afterwards, but proclaiming wisdom by Divine Providence.

In the end, the Democrats since Clinton have taken 4 of the last 6 Presidential elections, proving they have assumed the position of the middle ground, having to fight the left-leaning progressives within their own party to get there, where the Republicans are seen as the more extremist Party.

This election was the year of the woman, as women were highly successful, including additions to the Senate, normally an all-male chamber, where Elizabeth Warren has positioned herself as the Democrat's new darling, and a possible voice of the future.

Not to mention the first openly gay or lesbian United States Senator, Tammy Baldwin from Wisconsin.  

Obama was successful in winning early, taking Florida out of the equation.

One other major factor, and the complete opposite of 4 years ago, was the positive influence of former President Bill Clinton, who literally defined the Obama narrative at the Democratic Convention, which continued to play throughout the rest of the election, with Clinton being the best spokesperson for that narrative.  He campaigned tirelessly through the end, but his whole-hearted endorsement of Obama, literally vouching for him to many of those otherwise less than impressed and undecided whites, was a significant part of the Obama victory, who may have only lost Indiana and North Carolina (still leading in Florida) from his first victory.

Interesting contrast between the two photos released last night, the first is more of a sign of relief.

How about the most liked Facebook photo of all time, just posted last night at 11:15? 

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